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Salt Lake City Employment Law Attorney

Legal Representation for Employers and Employees in the Salt Lake City Area

Employment law is a complex subject, with ramifications which can make the difference between success and failure in business. Legal disputes within the company can be both enormously taxing on your resources and immensely disruptive to everday operations. Whether you are an employee or an employer, retaining the services of a skilled Salt Lake City employment law attorney increases the likelihood that you will resolve the situation in your favor with a minimum of delay.

At Haymore Law, our approach changes everything. Our revolutionary In-House Counsel Service makes it affordable for you to consult with an attorney on a regular basis on any legal questions. We take the time and effort to learn your business and provide you with all the information you need to avoid costly problems. When problems such as partnership disputes and wrongful termination do arise, you will have the benefit of an attorney who fully understands your business and its unique goals. We are a small law firm by design. We keep our overhead at a minimum so that we can offer top notch employee representation and employer litigation services at prices well below the industry standard. Call us today and give us a chance to tell you how we can be an invaluable asset to you.

We can advise on important legal decisions such as whether to sign an employee contract, how to defend your rights against a hostile work environment or sexual harassment, or how to approach FMLA disputes. Thousands of businesses and workers are involved in lawsuits and government inspections every year as they did not have access to legal advice when they needed it most. Our team is committed to helping the small business owner and the employee. Whether resolving a contract dispute, addressing wage & hour claims or offering guidance in any other legal matter, we are here to make a lasting difference in your long-term financial stability and success.

Why seek the help of a Salt Lake City employment lawyer?

We take the frustration of trying to understand and comply with laws affecting most businesses out of the equation. Our team is experienced in all aspects of employment law, from non-competition/non-solicitation/non-disclosure disputes and workers' compensation to legal considerations for new business and construction law.

We provide our clients with custom business formation and document preparation services, as well as representation and consultation for employees and employers alike in areas of law such as discrimination and whistleblower claims. We approach these cases strategically, always focused on what will enable us to achieve the best result, whether through negotiation, arbitration or litigation. With our skill in these areas, we are confident that we can take the ideal approach for your unique situation. We respond quickly to our clients' needs, taking care to protect your best interests in the face of an employment law matter of any kind. These disputes and lawsuits have the potential to affect business operations, production and a company's financial health, in addition to the toll they often take on the individual employee's finances and career stability. The services of an experienced and dedicated employment defense attorney are often needed to seek the most advantageous result. The attorneys at our firm provide high-quality representation to clients residing in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Midvale, and the surrounding regions.

Contact a Salt Lake City employment law attorney at our office who works side by side with the client to get the best results possible for success!

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